At Elinico Technology Services, we are all about service and price. Our goal is to get the customer what they need at the lowest possible price.

  • ContractsWe provide computer and network service contracts for network equipment, cabling/points and PC systems. These contracts are maintained through a three pronged strategy of telephone support, remote access (off site) and on site client attendance. Remote management will entail installation of remote management software on the clients server and individual user PCs if necessary. This is an important element of our overall strategy of meeting client needs.
  • Professional Computer Service for Small BusinessAre you frustrated by the level of onsite computer repair services you have received from other computer companies or from someone at the office who is "good with computers" even though the care of the computers at your office isn't their main job? The reality is that small and growing businesses have to work with the same technology related issues as large companies, just on a smaller scale. Does that mean a small business should have to settle for mediocre onsite computer service? Many believe they do, but why?
  • How We Do ItMost onsite computer repair services just "fix" what is broken instead of proactively addressing network planning, network upgrades and computer system service. At Elinico Technology, our mission is to introduce professional onsite computer services and methodologies from large companies to small businesses in the Orlando area. We also incorporate a team approach to computer service that is reliable, redundant and accountable.
  • Monitoring Proactively monitor your network and devices so problems can be corrected before you even know about them.
  • Network SupportIf your network goes down you need to get it back up as soon as possible. Elinico Technology Solution technicians are trained to troubleshoot and fix all network issues.
  • Wireless Network SetupWireless networking is one of the more compelling technologies to be realized in the last ten years.
  • Network Security All networking security begins with the PC. Let us help you in the process of protecting your computer from unauthorized use.